Our aim is to share unique stories of people changing the world through their creativity and community.

Creatives Around Us shares stories of inspiring people from diverse backgrounds, making a difference in their communities through their creativity, passion, and innovative ideas. By showcasing their extraordinary talents and achievements, Creatives Around Us provides a window into their lives, loves, and the impacts they’re making in their respective fields.

Our mission is to celebrate creativity, community, and hard work. Creatives Around Us aim to uncover the extraordinary journeys of these ordinary people, highlighting their accomplishments and the meaningful changes they bring about in their respective fields and communities. In a world often filled with doubt and distrust, our goal is to spread love, positivity, hope, and inspiration by demonstrating the power of creativity, hard work, and empathy.

From fashion designers crafting innovative clothing pieces and artists capturing the world’s beauty to photographers documenting awe-inspiring moments and founders and community managers dedicated to creating and managing dreams, Creatives Around Us aims to share their compelling narratives and provide a source of inspiration for our audience.

Join us as we explore the captivating stories of these remarkable individuals and celebrate the power of creativity to transform lives and communities.

Selected Stories from Creatives Around Us

In those two weeks where we taught him chess, I never heard him speak an English word,” Tunde says. “but on the final day of the tournament when he held up his trophy, he muttered the word ‘champion’

Tunde Onakoya in Community Managers

And now, there’s a big push that we need to share all the knowledge we have here. I feel that it’s important that people know how to build with these kinds of methods and be more self-sustainable, especially after what we’ve experienced in the last two years with Covid and the world. And the fact that so much of the world is dependent on other people and other sources, and if we can be more self-sustaining, we can be in a better situation when conflict comes.

Akwasi Mclaren in Interview

When I think about it, I believe the common denominators for these three communities are presence, care, collective exploration, and learning. Life is possible with communities: intentional communities that have a common goal to explore life genuinely

Sheila in Community Managers

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