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Adventure Photographer Kyle Vollaers will Inspire you to Travel the World

South African adventure and lifestyle photographer Kyle Vollaers is talented at finding remarkable sights around the world. He shot some dazzling Mars-like landscapes a few months ago, and his recent trips to the Canaries and Dolomites were equally fascinating. 

Kyle Vollaers started his artistic profession as a street artist on the buzzing streets of Cape Town, South Africa. He began taking professional photographs in 2016 and has captured a beautiful collection of travel, landscape, and lifestyle photographs. 

One unique thing that sets Kyle aside is his insatiable passion for travel. “I am inspired by sharing new perspectives with people who are not as fortunate to travel,” Kyle tells Creatives Around Us. ‘This is what drives me as a photographer.’ 

Interested in using his photography to inspire positive change, 27 years old Kyle has travelled to 27 countries. During his last journey, he spent three years away from home, exploring and capturing sights from Greenland, Iceland, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Norway, France, and Spain, and he is just getting started. Kyle is always looking to collaborate with brands and partners that align with his interest in travel, adventure, social ethics, and environmental sustainability.

A particular collection of Kyle’s photographs from Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, features a unique shot just as the sun rose over the volcanos; the fireball sunrise surrounded by Obsidian rock and dormant volcanoes was surreal. His recent collection from the Canaries has a volcano whose width is 2 km.

When asked how he manages to find time to work, travel, and update his fans on his socials, ‘Consistency.’ Kyle says. ‘I picked up a camera three years ago and have since taken my passion for creating and turned it into a career by staying consistent and putting in the work. I now work full-time as a travel photographer/filmmaker and couldn’t ask for a better career.’ Kyle advises anyone who wants to pursue a career in travel photography to stay consistent, work hard, and avoid getting caught up in the numbers on social media. In his words, ‘Art speaks louder than any number.’

Kyle details the methods and equipment he uses on Instagram. He has a dozen photographs on his website, and a collection of light room presets of his travels available in his store.

Kyle Vollaers shares breathtaking photographs from his travels around the world.

Creatives Around Us granted permission to feature photos by Kyle Vollaers